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Best Medical Exam Tables


Medical Exam Tables, Treatment Tables & Medical Furniture

Easily sort through the best medical exam tables for your practice. You’ll find everything from basic medical exam tables to heavy-duty, power-adjustable

Exam Tables

The medical exam table is a staple of any health care facility. Whether you work in a hospital, emergency room, health clinic, or private practice, you need reliable, high-quality medical examination tables to ensure premium patient care and comfort. Investing in sound medical equipment is a critical component in creating comfort in your facility and maximizing the productivity of your medical staff.

Whether you work in a hospital, emergency room, health clinic, or private practice, you need reliable, high-quality medical examination tables

Medical Exam Tables for Doctors

Medical exam tables give patients a hygienic and comfortable seat for examinations, diagnostics, and treatments. We carry a wide range of doctor tables

Medical Exam Tables for Doctors


Medical exam tables give patients a hygienic and comfortable seat for examinations, diagnostics, and treatments. We carry a wide range of doctor tables including pediatric tables for kids, motorized bariatric tables, hi-lo treatment tables, sports training tables, and more. Our tables are available in a wide variety of designs with an array of features such as space-saving built-in storage, adjustable heights, additional step-stools, and attachable railings. We also carry medical tables that are wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant, as well as bariatric tables with high weight capacities. Some models are capable of fully reclining, letting them serve as a doctor’s office bed or exam bed as well. Check out our selection of exam tables for sale, and find the perfect fit for your exam room or clinic.

Doctor Tables & Medical Furniture

Here at Medical Device Depot, our number one goal is to provide quality tools and equipment to healthcare professionals at the best possible prices. That’s why we offer exam tables from trusted names like Clinton, Brewer, and Midmark. With so many options to choose from, we have exam tables to meet the needs and budget of any hospital, clinic, or family practice. So give your patient’s a bit of comfort during what might be a stressful time, with our relaxing and easy-to-clean exam tables.

Exam Tables – Medical Examination Tables

Our cost-effective exam tables come in black, dove and taupe. These exam tables are comfortable, space-efficient and are provided fully assembled.

Medical Exam Tables

Online shopping for Exam Tables – Furniture & Patient Transport from a great selection at Industrial & Scientific Store.

Power Exam Tables

High quality Medical Equipment Products, Diagnostic Instruments and … Extra Wide Bariatric Straight Top Power Exam Table with Open Base

Basic examination table is perfect for any general practitioner

Basic models of examination tables are safe and comfortable for patients, while smart and innovative features make them user-friendly for medical staff.

Basic examination tables fit perfectly into your general practice

Perfect stability, elegant design and exceptional functionality are the key features that distinguish the examination tables S – basic. Simple and innovative solutions make the tables user-friendly for general practitioners, while the patients will be completely safe and comfortable during any medical treatment.


Examination tables – basic with flawless quality

The basic examination tables of the renewed S-line can adapt to suit the needs of any general practitioner when they treat patients in general or specialized practice. By using a simple electric foot switch, the table can be adjusted to an appropriate height for safe patient access and to protect the medical staff’s health over long term.


Perfect stability of the table is ensured by an impressive weight capacity of 200 kg and firm rubber feet. Therefore, your patients will be safely positioned during examination and will feel completely comfortable while lying on the 6 cm thick padding.


Guaranteed high hygiene standards in healthcare

Nowadays, maintaining a high hygiene standard, especially in healthcare institutions, is a must. The upholstery of basic examination tables is made of a completely seamless first-class imitation leather, which prevents penetration of any liquids. Due to the smooth screwless base cover of the table, guaranteeing the required hygiene in your medical facility has never been easier.


Diversity of basic examination tables

The Examination tables S – basic comply with all relevant medical standards. Depending on the nature of your work and complexity of medical examinations, there are different models of basic examination tables available. Selecting the right accessories for the table and combining it with one of 25 available upholstery colors will complement any hospital, clinic or doctor’s office.


Examination table S – basic with manually adjustable head section is a perfect choice for any general practitioner. To perform examination procedures in a half-sitting position you can choose the Examination table SL – basic. With an even longer head section, the Examination table SXL – basic can be used for medical exams that require a seated position. Due to the two-gas spring mechanism, you can raise the head section up to an angle of 84° with no effort at all.


Choosing the best additional equipment

To fulfill your every need in medical examination, there is a variety of accessories available for basic examination tables. The most frequently purchased equipment is a paper roll holder, that helps you prepare a clean lying surface for new patients in mere seconds. The upholstery of your table can be protected from dirt by a PVC cover for leg section. Depending on the nature of your work, infusion stand, side table and armrests can be attached to fixation rails. Ensuring safety to your patients is the number one priority. Thus, your examination table S – basic can feature a safety switch to avoid unintentional use when authorized staff is not around.


Looking for more information?

If you still have questions about the accessories and color charts, you can contact us and schedule your visit to Novak M showroom in Komenda, Slovenia. The best sales team will provide the answers and help you make the best decision for equipping your facility.

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