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Exam Room Cabinets, Medical Exam Room Chairs

Clinton brand exam room cabinets come pre-assembled for quick installation. Choose from floor or wall cabinets in varying sizes and laminate finishes. Drawers can be added to any base unit, and sink options are available as well. Cabinet options include waste drop door, door locks, and gooseneck faucet with wing levers.

Enrichment Medical utilizes the input of healthcare professionals to bring you the best medical furnishings in the industry. Browse our selection of cabinets below.

Exam Room Cabinetry Collection

Each exam room design features a variety of options in both layout, design intent, and in equipment specifications. ADA compliant sinks and cabinet options


Medical Exam Room cabinetryCostPlus Medical Supply offers  “Xroom Exam Cabinet packages”  utilizing typical exam room layouts made to our specifications and built to AWI cabinet standards. These standard layout examples that are considered highest quality healthcare rated cabinetry which is bundled for greatest discount at and volume priced offering you the greatest value for your investment. Each exam room design features a variety of options in both layout, design intent, and in equipment specifications. ADA compliant sinks and cabinet options. Manufactured by Stratus Industries under the CostPlus  label to AWI industry standards and Ready Rooms and cabinetry options by Clinton Industries.  All these configurations may be changed or altered to your specific needs.

Doctor and Medical Cabinets for Sale | Exam Tables Direct

Medical Cabinets

Keep your medical offices organized, efficient, and looking great with modern medical office cabinets.

ExamTablesDirect offers medical cabinets for sale from industry-leading brands you know and trust, such as Clinton. When you need medical office cabinetry that’s designed to last and meet the storage and work surface requirements of your office, buy direct from ExamTablesDirect.

Browse our selection of medical office cabinets for sale.

Shop Doctor Office Cabinets

When it comes time to find cabinets for your medical office, not just any storage will do. Medical room cabinets need to be durable, easy to clean and provide you with safe and efficient storage so you can always have your healthcare essentials at your fingertips.

The hospital cabinets we have in stock include a number of features that make them ideal for healthcare facilities:

Easy-clean, all-laminate surfaces

Tough chip-resistant edges

Soft-close door hinges

Smooth glide drawers

Recessed toe-kick

We also offer a variety of different types of medical cabinets for your everyday needs. Equip your exam room with medical room cabinets including:

Wall Cabinets: Make the most of your office space with wall cabinets and keep your floors clutter-free.

Base Cabinets: These larger hospital cabinets offer more workspace and drawers for your needs. Plus, you can choose to relocate doors and drawers to accommodate an optional sink location.

Treatment Cabinets: Smaller medical office cabinets have two doors, two drawers and one adjustable shelf for storage. The perfect addition to small spaces.

Mobile Bedside Cabinets: Take your essentials on the go with a mobile bedside hospital cabinet. These cabinets are mounted on 2″ dual wheel, swivel casters for convenience.

Clinton Medical Cabinets

Clinton medical cabinets are some of the most affordable cabinets on the market today. They work double duty to provide the storage and surface area you need for your exam room. No matter if you work in a private practice office, clinic or hospital, Clinton medicine cabinets are a great choice for your space.

Clinton medical room cabinets come in a variety of standard sizes so they can be seamlessly incorporated into your office. Plus, you have two distinct styles and a variety of colors to choose from so you can instantly elevate the look of your office.

Clinton Classic Laminate Casework

Clinton Classic Laminate Casework has easy-clean, durable laminate surfaces, soft close doors and drawers with load capacities up to 75 lbs. Its classic look makes it a great addition to any exam room.

Clinton Fashion Finish Casework

Clinton Fashion Finish Casework has an upscale look with easy-clean, thermofoil exterior surfaces in five contemporary colors. This line shows you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. The modern look is ideal if you want to make your office or exam room more upscale while on a budget.

All Clinton medical office cabinets come pre-assembled so they can be installed quickly and easily.



Exam Room Cabinets – Paragon Medical Supply


48″L x 35″H x 18″D exam room cabinet features one adjustable shelf behind each pair of doors. Shipped assembled *Available with drawers on left or right side.



Exam Room Cabinetry : Medical Device Depot, Inc.


Order or call today +86-159-23214191 for best prices on Exam Room Furniture. … Medical Storage Casework – Tall Cabinet, Single Door Key Lock.

Folio Medical Exam Room Cabinets & Storage – Steelcase


Folio casegoods provide modular storage options designed and crafted to work seamlessly with the changing needs of the modern healthcare environment.


Discrete Folio cabinets keep supplies and intimidating clinical equipment out of sight to lower stress levels, yet within easy reach to support clinician work process. In contrast to traditional millwork, Folio modular casegoods can be specified, ordered and installed quickly. They move and reconfigure with ease to serve well today and tomorrow.



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Serving Multiple Purposes

A range of hardworking Folio components combine to serve unique purposes in exam spaces, treatment areas and patient rooms. Folio casegoods include a handwashing station, kitchenette, information display, recycling center and more.

Space Division

In clinician and administrative workspaces, Folio combines with V.I.A. architectural solutions to divide space, create privacy and integrate technology.

Easy Access

Easy Access

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Folio cabinets can be individually leveled and feature hinge options to maximize access to the interior. ADA surface heights, sink cabinets with angled fronts and sloped-topped cabinets are available to meet specific space needs.

Wall-Mounted Options

Wall-Mounted Options

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Space is at a premium in most healthcare facilities. Folio wall-mounted components are designed to maximize every square foot. Cabinets mount 12 inches above the floor to make cleaning easy and aid in infection control.


White Folio Open image tooltip

Workflow + Efficiency

Healthcare organizations are under pressure to make every moment count. Folio makes it possible to locate supplies and conveniences where needed to improve workflow and efficiency.

Dark wood finish Folio cabinets and countertop in a lounge Open image tooltip

The Need for Flexibility

Organizations are also evolving to keep pace with new practices, processes and expectations. Health spaces and furnishings must adapt with them to bring continual value. A modular approach diminishes the downsides of change.

Folio cabinets and countertop in a medical exam room Open image tooltip

Patient Anxiety

A cluttered exam room adds to patient anxiety, clinician burden and the risk of infection. Efficient design helps set minds at ease and simplifies cleaning.

EnvironmentalOpen image tooltip


Designing for Sustainability

We create products that are good for people, and good for the world. Our products and operations are designed around a commitment to reduce climate change, reinforced by sustainable practices across our value chain.

Our Sustainable Design framework ensures our products are designed with consideration of life cycle thinking and cradle-to-cradle principles:

Source materials responsibly

Minimize global warming and other life cycle impacts

Ensure material health

Enable end-of-use strategies

Read More

Folio Product Environmental Profile


Standard + Optional Features Dimensions Global Availability

Standard + Optional Features

Standard + Optional Features

Folio Components


28″ H base cabinets

33″ H (ADA) base cabinets

36″ H base cabinets

Sink cabinets

Corner cabinets

Support end panel

84″ H storage and wardrobe cabinets

92″ H storage and wardrobe cabinets with sloped top

Open, single- or double-door upper storage cabinets with two or three shelves (24″ H and 30″ H)

Open, single- or double-door upper storage cabinets with two or three shelves and sloped top (24″ H and 30″ H)

Wall-mounted versions available for base cabinets (24″H), sink cabinets and bookcases (73″ and 79″H)

Open base 28″H cabinet and double-door bookcase not available in wall-mounted offering


84″ H single- or double-door bookcases with five shelves

Bookcases with sloped top (89″ H)

Additional Components

Laminate and solid surface worksurfaces with backsplash

Desk frames with or without back panel; wall-mounted versions available

Medical Exam Room Cabinets

Medical Exam Room Cabinets Carts Casework for Managed Care. Base and Wall storage units for hospitals, clinics and physician offices.

If you think exam room cabinets cost a lot, take another look at the choices shown below.

It’s a new experience in which utility and beauty coincide with affordability to give you the look

you want, without compromising functionality…or your budget. Pre-assembled base and wall

cabinets save you time. And they’re easily removed for relocation. What’s more, the modular

design may qualify for an accelerated depreciation schedule versus built-in casework.

Medical Storage – School Outfitters

We have a great selection of exam room furniture, including storage cabinets, treatment storage and more. Find mobile or permanent exam room

Medical cabinets keep first aid items safely out of reach

Need medical storage for your nurse’s office or clinic? We have a great selection of exam room furniture, including storage cabinets, treatment storage and more. Find mobile or permanent exam room storage by top manufacturers like Stevens and Hausmann.

Exam Room Storage: Cabinets

Shop exam room storage furniture at National Business Furniture. Great product selection, service & prices. Lifetime guarantee!

Exam Room Packages

exam room packages are preconfigured cabinetry options designed specifically by our expert design team to maximize your space.


Synthesis® exam room packages are preconfigured cabinetry options designed specifically by our expert design team to maximize your space. Every component is designed to work together for a more efficient, ergonomic care zone.

Medical Design

Designed from the inside out to stand up to the rigors of the medical space


Specialized designs to eliminate dead space, improve organization and can be reconfigured to continually meet your needs


Multiple colors and finishes to complement your space


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