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Medical Office File Cabinets Lockable Filing Cabinets

Medical File Cabinets | Lockable Filing Cabinets

Medicus Health has a large selection of medication storage cabinets, lockable filing cabinets, shelving, medical file cabinets, wardrobes,


Medicus Health is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical supplies to hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient clinics, home health care providers and physicians. Medicus Health has a large selection of medication storage cabinets, lockable filing cabinets, shelving, medical file cabinets, wardrobes, carts and combination shelving.


If you don’t see the Medical File Cabinets or Lockable Filing Cabinets you are looking for give us a call at 877-514-1140 or e-mail us at and we can track it down for you.  We also have 5 color choices to fit your facility decor.



Medical Shelving and File Cabinets | DEW Filing & Storage

Discounted prices on quality Medical Shelving and File Cabinets at DEW Filing & Storage.



Medical File Cabinets: Hospital Filing Units

Find medical file cabinets for health supplies and medical records. These hospital filing units help to create an organized healthcare system.

Medical File Cabinets – For Organized Healthcare Systems

Are you in need of healthcare storage for your facility? Medical file cabinets, commonly known as hospital filing units, are the ideal solution when it comes to storing medical records, patient insurance information or even health supplies.

Our medical cabinetry is built to last and is available with different amounts of drawers or tiers to best accommodate your facility’s needs. Medical file cabinets keep things organized, allowing the staff to better perform duties and allowing doctors to focus on patient care.

Hospital Filing Units – Healthcare Storage for Medical Records

Medical file cabinets are great additions to any health record-keeping system. Hospital filing units are still necessary for every facility, even with the advent of technology. It’s considered best to keep hard copies of patient care history and insurance information, in addition to all digital files. Hospital filing units ensure that in the event of a computer system crash, your health records will still be intact and available, helping both doctors and patients.

Are you in need of more storage for medical devices and other supplies? Be sure to browse our vast collection of medical cabinetry. These furnishings can adequately, safely and securely store many supplies necessary for effective patient care. No matter what the need may be for your hospital or clinic, we’re sure to have the healthcare furniture to support your staff, patients and visitors. With 40 years of service under our belts, we’ve got the expertise to help improve any workplace. Find furniture that works from people who care at National Business Furniture.




Lateral Filing Cabinets

A Lateral Filing Storage Cabinet is a convenient medical file storage solution that ensures easy filing and retrieval of files.

High Density Storage | Custom File Storage Cabinets | Medical File Cabinets

American File Solutions for custom file cabinets, high density mobile, file storage cabinets, labels, filing systems, shelving, office furniture, medical cabinets, supplies and more on sale now!

Filing Cabinet | Multimedia Storage | Tambour Door

Filing Cabinets, large selection of premium medical records file cabinets, lateral filing cabinet, vertical cabinet, lateral filing, end-tab folders filing,

Medical Filing Cabinets and Chart Storage – First Products

Install secure medical filing cabinets and chart storage from First Products to keep documents easily accessible to only the professionals who need them.

Medical File Cabinet And Chart Storage

Our medical filing cabinets and chart storage solutions improve security and reduce clutter. Keep charts and critical records organized and secure in our key lockable privacy racks. Medical records deserve proper security; therefore, our medical filing systems provide you with an array of tools for fine-tuning your workplace. You shouldn’t struggle to find successful storage solutions in the medical field. Browse our medical filing cabinets and chart storage racks and find your perfect fit storage solution to make your workspace better.

Rotary File Cabinets – Healthcare (HIPAA compliant)

Filing is easy from either side of this double depth filing cabinet. Rotating file cabinets offer increased access to files while reducing space requirements.

Rotary File Cabinets – Healthcare (HIPAA compliant)

Why are they so popular?

The Rotary File storage system will give double the storage capacity in the same footprint. In fact, rotary storage cabinets provide up to 400% more capacity in the same floor space as traditional drawer files.  Filing is easy from either side of this double depth filing cabinet. Rotating file cabinets offer increased access to files while reducing space requirements. The double depth design allows the rotary files to provide a far greater filing efficiency and capacity than lateral, vertical, or any single depth storage unit. Store the same material in half the space.

Outstanding versatility is a major benefit of rotary storage cabinets. You can customize them to meet your individual storage needs. Store any type of media, including the following: end-tab files, top-tap records, hanging files, binders, CD ROMs, tapes, and more. There are rotating file cabinets for letter and legal sizes. Our rotary file cabinets can be built into an alcove, used as room dividers, configured back-to-back to maximize capacity and save more space. Units can also be installed through a wall or panel and a closed back can be added to the unit to provide extra security. Our rotary file cabinets are HIPAA compliant.

File Cabinets – Medical Office Supplies

ACS is Your Complete Source for Medical Office Supplies-Exam Supplies-Medical Forms- Medical Furniture & Shelving-Medical Record Filing Supplies & more.

High Density Mobile Shelving – Medical Office Supplies

Think about the lateral filing cabinets that you see in most offices. Now consider that with high efficiency storage, you could easily triple the file density.

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