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Medical Room Dividers Portable partitions Temporary walls

Medical Room Divider


Partition Room Divider,4 Panel Room Dividers,Privacy Screen,Temporary Wall Divider for Home Office Hospital School Dorm(Cream White). Polyester, Metal



Hospital Room Dividers and Privacy Screens


Huanxin medical room dividers block sightlines and minimize sound, providing the environment needed for optimal health, healing, and safety. Our dividers,


Hospital Room Dividers and Privacy Screens

Screenflex offers a variety of medical dividers for your facility including patient privacy screens and clear plexiglass germ barrier partitions.

Surround any hospital bed, create patient overflow space, and limit contagion with Screenflex partitions.



Room Dividers Provide A Private Healthcare Experience

In a medical facility, patients and practitioners alike benefit from privacy and cleanliness. Helping customers provide the best care to their patients is why Screenflex Portable Room Dividers first launched its patient privacy screens product line. With a versatile hinged design, Screenflex medical room dividers allow for compact storage and multiple configuration layouts.  The mobile privacy curtains absorb sound between patient beds, provide privacy for patient overflow and create patient treatment centers on the spot.  Our healthcare screens are available in eight high-performing vinyl finishes.  This surface easily wipes clean to maintain a clean and safe environment. Need longer-length partitions? Connect two or more portable medical privacy screens to form longer dividers or create multiple rooms.

What makes Screenflex medical partitions best for you:

Arrives fully assembled

Smooth-rolling self-leveling casters

Customizable (with 36 sizes and 8 vinyl colors)

One person setup


Black powder-coated steel frame for durability

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Screenflex medical privacy screens are built and designed to meet every possible care situation in hospitals, acute care centers, medical offices, pharmacies, and treatment centers.  The Screenflex medical room dividers are the leading portable privacy screen for patient privacy and sound absorption.

Additionally, Screenflex Clear Dividers open up communication in their check-in area by providing see-through plexiglass barriers between the patient and employee. By putting an easy-to-clean divider in place, patients can check in to their appointment without spreading or receiving unwanted germs. Regardless of the healthcare need, Screenflex products keep the privacy and cleanliness that a medical facility should have.

Screenflex medical room dividers block sightlines and minimize sound, providing the environment needed for optimal health, healing, and safety. Our dividers, therefore, create a more comfortable experience for patients and medical staff with just one temporary hospital privacy screen.

“ Our experience was amazing! It would usually take us about a half-hour to set up our injection areas. With these hospital privacy screens, it took about 10 minutes to get everything set up. Everyone comments on how professional they look and what an improvement they are over the old medical screens. Thank you so much! ”


Jasper County Hospital



Medical room dividers for the healthcare sector from Huanxin Medical


Medical room dividers are useful in separating a room into individual areas. For example, with the Silentia Screen System, you can use our mobile



Rolascreen: Hospital Screens & Partitions


Rolascreens create better spaces with portable hospital screens, wall mounted room dividers, guards, hospital privacy screens, and hospital



Creating Better Spaces with Rolascreen Hospital Screens


Rolascreen creates innovative hospital screens that can be used as privacy screens, hospital room dividers, room separators, sneeze guards, retractable patient screens, security wall partitions and much more.

These retractable medical privacy screens come in portable and wall-mounted versions. They can be customized to suit any room or space.

As an American manufacturer and distributor of hospital screens, we believe that we owe US facilities preferential treatment. All Rolascreens are made in the USA.



Versatile and Easy To Use

Rolascreen hospital privacy screens and room dividers are portable, retractable, flexible, and easy to clean.

Two Standard Options

Portable and wall mounted hospital screens are available for various privacy and security partition needs.


Customization options include the screen color, height, imagery, and branding of the inner panel.

Infection Prevention

All patient privacy screens, medical room dividers, and sneeze guards meet infection control standards.

New Products

Coming soon! The new Wall Mounted Rolascreen “Lite”



Fighting Coronavirus with Rolascreen Hospital Screens

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect us all. Secure hospital partitions, safety screens, and medical room dividers are necessary for our protection. Hospitals and government health departments use Rolascreens to rapidly create new spaces. In fact, many hospitals are converting from hospital curtains to our screens. We handle turnkey projects.

Reliable privacy screens provide many benefits. They prevent surges, control infection, ensure patient privacy, and improve space management. Retractable and flexible screens also provide physical barriers between staff and patients, and simplify infection control.

We are committed to providing the best portable healthcare screens and patient room partitions. From 2020 onwards, we continued to produce screens assisting US healthcare facilities. We offer speed of delivery and great customer service. We reacted to urgent demands and supplied well over 2,000 screens to our customers.

We have ramped up our production to meet the increased demand for medical hospital screens and patient room dividers during this pandemic. We are ready to aid you and your healthcare facility in the fight to help, heal, and protect people from Coronavirus.



Portable Rolascreen – Elite

Create new spaces and easily divide rooms with the Portable Elite Rolascreen.  These innovative portable hospital privacy screens solve many of the privacy, safety, and security challenges that businesses face today with space management.

Optimize your space and reduce cleaning costs with our portable, flexible, and retractable privacy screens. Customize these portable screens by adding your brand or selecting an image from the sample art gallery.



Wall Mounted Rolascreen – Elite

Wall Mounted Elite Rolascreens are extremely convenient for managing spaces within your facility. Enjoy the privacy and security of a retractable wall mounted screen.

These high-quality retractable wall mounted screens are unparalleled in quality and easy to use. Customize these screens by adding your brand or selecting an image from our sample art gallery.



Rolascreen – Guard

Rolascreen Guards are a special screen that provides safety in the COVID pandemic era. Guards, also called sneeze guards, promote and allow proper social distancing. They are perfect for use in office waiting areas, office spaces, medical facilities, hospitals, and more.

Guards are available in single pane or dual pane and in both freestanding and wall mounted models.

Single Pane Rolascreen Guard

Height: 56”

Foot Print: 24” x 24”

Weight: Approximately 19 lbs

Dual Pane Rolascreen Guard

Height: 56”

Foot Print: 24” x 24”

Weight: Approximately 23 lbs

Rolascreen Guards are a special screen that provides safety in the COVID pandemic era. Guards, also called sneeze guards, promote and allow proper social distancing. They are perfect for use in office waiting areas, office spaces, medical facilities, hospitals, and more.

Guards are available in single pane or dual pane and in both freestanding and wall mounted models.

Single Pane Rolascreen Guard

Height: 56”

Foot Print: 24” x 24”

Weight: Approximately 19 lbs

Dual Pane Rolascreen Guard

Height: 56”

Foot Print: 24” x 24”

Weight: Approximately 23 lbs



Customizable Elite Rolascreens

Customize the Portable Elite or Wall Mounted Elite Rolascreens. Add your brand, logos, images, select colors, and specify the height of the frame. We also have an art gallery of images to choose from. Create unique hospital screen designs to improve branding and marketing.



Order Medical Room Dividers & Privacy Screens Online


Shop for medical privacy screens and hospital room dividers at Versare! Our medical partitions collection includes various portable partitions,



Medical privacy screens protect caregivers & patients. Our hospital room divider screen comes in many sizes. Choose quality hospital privacy screens & medical partitions. Versare has the best medical room dividers.



What are Medical Privacy Screens?

Medical privacy screens provide patients with secure areas for treatment, enhancing overall sanitation. Medical room dividers also allow doctors and clinicians the privacy and comfort to tend to their patients without prying eyes.

Hospital privacy screens come in a variety of forms, each serving a specific purpose, tailored to requirements set by each medical facility’s needs. Versare has crafted portable room dividers for clinics, hospitals and individual doctors that maintain strict adherence to ever-changing regulations and serve their patients better.



Benefits of Medical Partitions

Mobile medical partitions offer many benefits for patients and staff. Medical privacy screens can:

1. Relax patients by providing privacy

2. Secure a sanitized and sectioned-off space for medical professionals to perform their duties

3. Encourage free communication by sheltering the patient and medical personnel from unwanted attention and distractions

4. Reduce the likelihood of clerical errors

Taken together, these advantages enhance the experience that medical facilities provide.



Medical Room Dividers for Every Need

Versare offers a comprehensive selection of medical room dividers to meet our customers’ requirements. We build medical partitions using extruded aluminum joined with cast aluminum corner joints.

Our aluminum frame and 360-degree cast aluminum hinges allow medical care centers, hospitals, clinics and schools to configure rooms to their exact needs.

We even offer room dividers that can support the weight of dry-erase boards and flat screen monitors. Our safety barriers ensure patient privacy while providing the versatility needed to adapt to any environment. We also have economical room dividers for budget-conscious facilities.



Countertop Dividers That Deliver

Our countertop dividers can help mitigate risks to healthcare professionals, clients and visitors. These medical privacy screens include individual countertop sneeze guards designed to prevent unwanted contact at your desk.

Take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe with countertop dividers from Versare.



Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Privacy Screens

Where Does My Hospital Room Divider Screen Ship From?

We ship all our products, including hospital room divider screens, from our factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Are Your Medical Privacy Screen Room Dividers in Stock and Ready to Ship? We build all of our medical privacy screens/room dividers to order. Right now, our turnaround time is three business days.

Can You Make Custom-Sized Medical Privacy Screens? Yes, we can customize the size of most medical privacy screens. Please call for assistance.


Medical Privacy Screen and Dividers


The medical room dividers are great for hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, patient rooms, dental facilities, and more. The privacy screens are



Direct Textile Store offers medical privacy screens and healthcare equipment and supplies at the right price. A wide range of medical privacy screens, hospital room dividers, and portable privacy screens provide patients with privacy and comfort. The medical room dividers are great for hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, patient rooms, dental facilities, and more. The privacy screens are available from the finest materials to ensure durability and longevity. Available in various styles and sizes, including 3 panel privacy screens, folding privacy screens, room dividers, privacy screen on wheels, and more. Medical privacy screen and dividers offer patients privacy, protection, and peace of mind at their stay.

See our article for more information on medical privacy screens.

For more healthcare equipmment and supplies see our Medical Laundry Hampers and our Laundry Carts, Laundry Trucks, and Racks.

Buying Guides

See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our Medical Privacy Screen and Dividers to help you in purchasing the Screen and Dividers that best meet your needs:

What is a Medical Privacy Screen?

We ship to US, Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, Canada, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Croix.



Privacy Screens | Room Dividers | Hospital Curtains


Rehabmart offers one- to four-panel portable medical privacy screens and cubicle curtains. Privacy screens can also be used as room dividers in multiple



What are Room Dividers?

Room dividers, sometimes referred to as room partitions, are devices that allow the space in a room to be divided into areas or subsections. The use of room dividers, in some cases, has to do with a decorating theme for the space. At other times, the reason for using a room divider is more functional than decorative. There are basically two types of room dividers. The first type is a folding divider, also called a privacy screen. It normally involves a series of panels that are hinged together, and is free standing. Generally, a privacy screen has three or more panels, but some only have two panels for smaller areas. The panels are unfolded and positioned in a way that sections off part of a room. Privacy screens can be used in bedrooms to create a changing area, or to create a visual distinction between a living and sleeping space. Many privacy screens are used in healthcare, military, education, or disaster relief settings and scenarios to give people privacy from others, or from a crowd.

The second type of room divider is the accordion style, often called a privacy curtain. Privacy curtains are mounted in metal tracks which run across the ceiling area. This makes it easy to slide them into place when necessary. Depending on the size of the space, one or more sets of privacy curtains may be installed. This design is often used in patient rooms of a hospital or a healthcare facility in order to be able to give patients privacy on demand.

One of the benefits of room dividers is the ability to manage sound in the space. For example, in an office setting, the partitions can separate a larger space into several work areas to help minimize the sounds created by the various employees in that space. While the effect is usually not as definitive as placing the employees in different rooms, the use of partitions help make it possible to contain enough of the sounds so that employees are not distracted by each other.

Room dividers not only add functionality, but can also add an element of visual interest to the space. This can be true in any area they are used in. Partitions made of panels may be covered in print fabrics or painted with any type of design that suits its use. Both types of room dividers are available in a wide range of colors, making them more attractive and welcoming as part of the overall design.

What is a Hospital Curtain?

The purpose of a hospital curtain is to prevent infections from spreading throughout a hospital, as well as providing a patient with privacy. These curtains are made with safety in mind and must pass strict health and safety regulations before they can be used in a medical facility. Their main benefit is their ability to combat the spread of infection. While the curtains previously used in hospitals of the past allowed serious infections to be transmitted, today’s technology has created anti-microbial materials that are utilized, instead.

A hospital curtain, also known as a privacy curtain, is a method of giving privacy to a patient in a hospital. It is usually hung from a track on the ceiling and reaches almost all the way to the floor. A hospital curtain should be made from material that is fire-retardant, and in accordance with general health and safety regulations. In the United States, the top portion of the curtain must be at least 70% mesh to allow water from a sprinkler to penetrate the curtain in the event of a fire.

How to Choose the Best Privacy Screen?

One of the first details to consider when buying a privacy screen is the size that is needed, along with the intentions for the screen, and the space which is available. Consider the materials to choose from since this will affect the appearance and durability of the screen. In addition, choosing a plain privacy screen or one that complements the rest of the décor is a consideration. Another thing to think about is how large the privacy screen should be. The space that is available may restrict the options when it comes to size. Therefore, measure the area that is to be shielded before purchase. That way, it will fit in the available space.

Another detail to consider is the type of material to use for a privacy screen. One of the most durable materials is metal, which tends to be heavy and hard to bend. But, this allows it to last several years. If the plan for the screen involves moving it occasionally or often, a lightweight material may be preferred, such as fiberboard or plastic. A privacy screen can additionally complement its surroundings since they tend to come in a wide range of designs and colors. They can also be customized and painted for a more personalized look.

How to Choose the Best Hospital Curtain Track?

The best hospital curtain track products should be easy to install as well as easy to use. Check on how the track items are fastened to a drop-down or fixed ceiling in order to choose the best model. Also, check the small interior pieces on the curtain track for easy, smooth movements so the curtain will move easily and swiftly along the track when it is installed without making noise. Hospital curtain track models should fit with specific curtains that are purchased for a hospital or healthcare facility. Make sure the tracks have the correct number of interior hooks, and determine the length and contour of the track to make sure it fits with the needs of a particular space. Overall, the best models are made of single-piece, sturdy metal raceways that can accommodate heavy-duty and extended usage.


Portable Medical Privacy Room Dividers


Portable Medical Privacy Room Dividers – Healthflex. … Healthflex Partition – 5′ 9″H x 5′ 9″L (Designer/Excel/Vinyl). : $339.98.



Room Dividers for Healthcare / Sliding Doors


Depending on the size of the medical office, Raydoor has space-saving healthcare door designs for many applications including examination rooms, changing rooms,




Recent trends in healthcare design focus on creating environments with a warm, welcoming hospitality-like feel to improve physical and emotional wellness and human health. Now designers strive to bring natural light into a healthcare facility to improve patient and team mood. Raydoor is uniquely qualified to support this trend with translucent yet visually private insert panels. Furniture and finishes are also selected to improve the patient experience and Raydoor’s numerous doors for healthcare integrate into any medical office, hospital, or healthcare facility.


Healthcare facilities must ensure HIPAA mandated patient privacy requirements especially in the reception and check out areas. Raydoor provides critical privacy while also allowing light transmission with the use of translucent panels in patient exam rooms, check-in carrels and in reception desks.

ADA requirements are also met with door opening sizes and universally designed ADA door pulls and locks. Because a floor track is not needed for Raydoor’s system, it provides unobstructed wheelchair mobility.

Raydoor products support infection control protocols and comply with cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting requirements instead of once omnipresent privacy curtains.


Depending on the size of the medical office, Raydoor has space-saving healthcare door designs for many applications including examination rooms, changing rooms, and infusion rooms. Door types range from healthcare pocket doors to sliding doors, or barn doors. In areas of a medical office that needs separation from reception such as a lab, Raydoor single or double swinging doors serve as a door divider which also allows quick access.

Retrofitting existing healthcare doors with Raydoor sliding doors or sliding walls can be as quick and easy as surface mounting tracks on existing ceilings and door jambs which reduce the hassle, time and cost of construction. Raydoor Barn Doors are mounted to the wall for even more versatile uses. Raydoor construction is lightweight for simple installation into a ceiling or wall track and does not require floor tracks. Additional recessed ceiling mounting and pocket door solutions are options with drywall construction.

Our expert Raydoor team will create customized healthcare sliding door solutions to suit your healthcare or medical office project. We consider every detail from ADA door requirements, finishes, pulls and locks to meet the functional, aesthetic and luminosity desired for each healthcare door design. Each component is hand-crafted at our manufacturing site in New York and delivered with all the necessary hardware for swift installation, eliminating the need for extensive on-site construction.


Allows natural light to shine into space

Space efficient sliding door for medical facilities

Suitable for healthcare cleaning protocols

Smooth and easy operation

Soft closure is available

Adds to the design aesthetic

ADA compliant solutions

Solutions / Door types


The following systems are recommended for healthcare spaces:

Sliding Pocket Wall Open Render


Sliding Pocket Wall Frame

Sliding Wall Open Render


Sliding Wall Frame

Sliding Single Open Render


Sliding Single Frame

Sliding Pocket Open Render


Sliding Pocket Frame

Sliding Bypassing Open Render


Sliding Bypassing Frame

Swinging Open Render


Swinging Frame

Folding Open Render


Folding Frame



View examples of Raydoor systems used in healthcare spaces in the Raydoor Inspiration Gallery.




A Raydoor sliding door or wall system is a great way to diversify any interior space, no matter what the scale or scope. Tell us about your project to receive a no-obligation price quote from one of our design consultants. Feel free to send plans, photos, sketches or ideas to get started today!

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The starting price for a single RAYDOOR door panel is approximately $2,000. For a 2-panel by-passing system, the starting price is approximately $3,200 (equates to about $500 a linear/ft.).

Please contact us for volume purchase pricing.

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