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Medical Table with Stirrups Electric Exam Tables with Stirrups

medical table with stirrups

MSEC by Clinton, Family Practice Exam Table with Integrated Step Stool, Stirrups and Paper Dispenser Included – Country Mist, 72″ L x 31″ H x 30″ W



Pneumatic backrest adjusts from either side, Pull out step stool with safety tread, Coated, two position adjustable stirrups

1 large side storage compartment with shelf, Storage compartment is accessible from both sides, 2 Euro style drawers with all steel slides.

Adjustable feet for leveling, Paper dispenser included

Dimensions: 32in H x 27in W, Extended length: 58-72in

Load capacity: 400 lbs. Manufacturer warranty: 5 years



For comfort, economy, overall functional and storage, there’s nothing better than our Family Practice Table. This versatile table has storage access from either side. Plus, its lower treatment table height and handy pull out step stool makes it ideal for family practice, clinic or wherever a cost effective treatment/exam table is needed.

Tables with Stirrups | Exam Tables

Tables with Stirrups · Clinton 8870 Family Practice Table · Clinton 8870 Family Practice Exam Table. Regular Price: $1,166.56 · Clinton 8890 Family Practice Table

Advanced And Refurbished, Oral-Safe Exam Table Stirrups

Look for exam table stirrups on to make certain medical work easier and safer. Get new exam tableirrups at many affordable prices.

Electric exam table stirrups

An electric exam table is available in, Contrary to popular and, for a more detailed examiner table, or traditional an exam table. Some electric exam tables come in an form of an electric exam table, so choose the ones that will your customers need for the most electrically assisted environment at the same time.


Magnetic examrups are a perfect option for those who need an exam table with multiple organs. On the other hand, magnetic bugrups are suitable for small practice, they can be fitted with a variety of magnetic currups. For these purposes, magnetic currups are suitable for small, and, as a name, plies these have a removable adhesive and can be used in the waiting room. With these convenient, and sturdy, lightweight steel frames for easy transport.


What are exam table stirrups made of?

Some exam tables are made of durable, sturdy, and easy to clean. Exam table PVCrups, for example, are made of strong durable, stronger, and more durable materials, and they come in a variety of colors and designs. An exam table, or examination drawing, is durable and easy to maintain. Any exam table or chair with a ergonomic shape makes them a popular choice as they are sturdy and easy to use. An exam table or chair with a rest of the wood and metal exam legs, or for examination drawing, are durable and easy to clean. A wood exam table, for example, can be made from stronger materials, such as wood, laminate, and glass.


Metal exam tablerups are available in a vast variety of suppliers, has a wide variety of suppliers, can you buy them in bulk to suit your customers’ needs. These exam tables and chairs are made of plastic, metal, and glass, and they are made in a vast variety of suppliers, make them easy to find and replace.

Shop Exam Table with Stirrups

The Brewer Company #5000-22. Exam Table with Stirrups. Log in for pricing and availability. Log In to Order View Alternatives.

Powered Exam Table with Stirrups, Adjustable Backrest, Footrest, Shrouded Lift

Pneumatic backrest is adjustable from either side and raises 80 degrees from flat.  Footrest is adjustable from either side and lowers up to 80 degrees from flat. Retractable, 2-position, length adjustable stirrups. Shrouded Power Tables sleek design also makes them look great in your facility. Available in a wide variety of upholstery colors to complement any hospital, office or clinic.

Pneumatic backrest is adjustable from either side and raises 80 degrees from flat

Footrest is adjustable from either side and lowers up to 80 degrees from flat

Retractable, 2-position, length adjustable stirrups

Easy-clean, ABS plastic enclosed lift

Electric power height adjustment with foot control

Ultra-strong, uni-frame base and top construction

Heavy duty, all welded, lift mechanism

Durable gray powder-coated steel frame

Self-lubricating pivot points

Smooth 110 volt electric height adjustment

Power supply and motor meets UL 60601-1 and CAN/CSA C22.2 601.1

Hands-free low voltage foot control

Easy service, self contained, electrical components

Seamless, rounded corner, upholstered top

Optional Powered Exam Table Accessories are available under Related Products (below)

2″ (5 cm) ultra-firm padding

Low height may help achieve ADA tax credit

Customize with options

Made in the USA

500 lbs. (227 kg) load capacity under normal use

Overall Dimensions: 76″L x 27″W x 21″-34″H; Backrest: 38″L x 27″W; Drop Section: 13″L x 27″W

Available in 9 colors.  Additional colors on color pallet shown above may also be available, e-mail us at for more details.

***California Residents Only*** California Prop 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

This Medical Examination Table is a custom made to order product built to suit your specific requirements and is not eligible for return

For Chair Color Pallet “Click” View More Images above under main image

Universal Exam Table Stirrups

These universal exam table stirrups are an add on exam table boot that is far more comfortable and secure for your patient while in exam stirrups.

Patients can rest comfortably and securely during in-office procedures

Safe and secure place for the patient’s legs

1 pair of stirrups

Optional Gel Liners BD2326

Prevents excessive moment during procedures that require a motionless patient

Great for the elderly or patients with disabilities

No Tools Required

60 second setup time

Adjustable +/- 15° abduct & adduct

heel adjusts 10°

Portable Between Offices and Exam Rooms

Universally fits on almost any existing stirrups on the market

without the need for table alterations

Universal Exam Table Stirrups

exam table stirrups

Patients can rest comfortably and securely during in-office procedures

Safe and secure place for the patient’s legs

Prevents excessive moment during procedures that require a motionless patient

Great for the elderly or patients with disabilities

No Tools Required

60 second setup time

Adjustable +/- 15° abduct & adduct

heel adjusts 10°

Portable Between Offices and Exam Rooms

Universally fits on almost any existing stirrups on the market

without the need for table alterations

Turn Your Exam Table Into a Procedure Table In Seconds

How exam table stirrups Work- Designed by a Doctor

Exam table stirrups designed by Joseph Gauta, MD is a board certified OB/GYN. Realizing that many procedures that were traditionally done in the OR or Surgery Center could be done in the office. Since 2005 Dr. Gauta has been doing many procedures such as LEEP, tubal occlusion, cystoscopy, hysteroscopy, anoscopy, endometrial ablation and hysteroscopic myomectomy and polypectomy in his own office. Through the use of standard OTC medications, prescribed oral medications and local anesthesia, or mobile anesthesia, excellent pain control has been achieved for patients during in-office procedures.


A major challenge of doing many of these procedures in the office was that there wasn’t an easy way to keep the patient’s legs stabilized and comfortable for extended periods of time, sometimes as long as 30 minutes. In traditional stirrups, the patient’s legs often grew tired and would shake.

Therefore, the DSC-ETS was born. Dr. Gauta has been using the DSC-ETS Stirrup in his office since 2010. This Stirrup provides excellent leg stability and comfort to the patient.


Multiple Uses in Office Other Than Procedures

Dr. Gauta soon realized that the Stirrup had more uses in his office other than procedures. The DSC-ETS Stirrup® is a great leg stabilizer when performing exams on:



Patients with Hip or Knee Replacements

Patients with Low Back Pain

Patients with Arthritis

Patients with Neurological Conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, even Restless Leg Syndrome

Can Be Connected or Disconnected in Seconds

DSC-ETS is a pair of cushioned boots, which easily attaches to your exam tables in seconds.

To attach to your exam table simply slide the Stirrup over the existing foot rests.

There is a hook and loop strap on the bottom of the Stirrup (seen in the picture) , which you would wrap around the footrest leg and attach to the hook and loop pads provided on the sides of the Stirrup.

That’s it! Your DSC-ETS Stirrup is ready for use.

Optional Gel Liners BD2326

Once mounted, you are ready for your patient.  Have your patient rest their legs comfortably in the boot portion of the Stirrup and secure the hook and loop strap over their leg. That’s it!  Now your patient is now resting comfortably and securely.


The opening on the bottom of the Stirrup has been designed to fit almost all footrests on the market today.  There are weights built into the bottom base of the Stirrup that make it difficult for the patient to lift the boot off of the footrest.  The weights plus the straps make the Stirrup a secure and comfortable place for your patient to rest their legs during in office procedures.


Portable and is Easily Transported Between Exam Rooms and Offices

Our boot is easy to attach and detach;Therefore if another provider needs to use the Stirrup it is easy to move from room to room. The Stirrup will be shipped in a reusable container for future storage. If you see patients at different locations, the Stirrup is durable enough to be transported in a duffle bag in your trunk.


Easy to Clean

All of the pieces of the Stirrup can simply be wiped down between patients or placed in the dishwasher for deep cleaning. Replacement pads and straps are available.

Offers Patients Added Comfort and Greater Satisfaction

With this new multi-specialty designed boot your patients will experience increased comfort during procedures. When their procedures are offered in the convenience and familiarity of your office, They feel safe working with the staff they are familiar with. Their co-payments are usually less than in an outside facility which makes them even happier (make sure to have your staff point this out to them when they are scheduling their procedure).

Hausted Exam Table w/Pelvic Tilt, Stirrups & Pass thru Drawers


Hausted® exam table with pass through drawers, storage drawers and 5 position continuous lock stirrups. The all metal construction of the base table provides for longevity. Hausted® offers a wide range of colorful vinyls to create an atmosphere of comfort for the patient, staff and physician.




Three Pass Through Drawers for access from both sides

Five Position Continuous Lock Stirrups – FREE!

Pelvic Tilt – FREE!

Two Storage Drawers

Pull-Out Leg Rest with Integrated Treatment Tray

Powder Coat Finish – Foghorn




Overall Width: 27 inches (68.58 cm)

Overall Length – legrest extended: 72 inches (182.88 cm)

Overall Height : 32 inches (81.28 cm)

Foot Step Width: 18 inches (45.72 cm)

Foot Step Length: 17 inches (43.18 cm)

Legrest Width: 18 inches (45.72 cm)

Legrest Length: 17 inches (43.18 cm)

Paper Roll Holder Widths Available: 18 inches (45.72 cm), 19 inches (48.26 cm), 20 inches (50.80 cm)

Drawer Width: 18 inches (45.72 cm)

Drawer Length: 16.50 inches (41.91 cm)

Drawer Height: 14 inches (10.16 cm)

Weight Capacity – evenly distributed: 500 lbs. (226.80 kg)

Footstep Capacity – evenly distributed: 800 lbs. (362.87 kg)

Shipping Weight: 330 lbs. (151.95 kg)

Replacement Top: GF4200RT-XX

Power Exam Tables

Open Base Power Exam Table with Adjustable Backrest, Footrest & Stirrups … Options: Armboard; Headrest; Height Control

Medical Treatment Tables

Medicus Health has a large selection of medical treatment tables for you to choose from. … Family Practice Exam Table, Storage Drawers & Stirrups.



Medical Treatment Tables:


Medicus Health is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical supplies to hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient clinics, home health care providers and physicians. Medicus Health has a large selection of Hospital Treatment Tables.


Medicus Health has a large selection of Treatment Tables. Choose from: Medical Exam Table with Shelf, Medical Exam Table with Drawers, Medical Exam Table with Dual Open Cabinets & Half Shelf, Pediatric Exam Tables, Pediatric Exam Table with Two Drawers, Infant Blood Draw Station – Hydraulically Adjustable w/ Arm Extensions and many more.

Exam Tables

The medical exam table is a staple of any health care facility. Whether you work in a hospital, emergency room, health clinic, or private practice, you need reliable, high-quality medical examination tables to ensure premium patient care and comfort. Investing in sound medical equipment is a critical component in creating comfort in your facility and maximizing the productivity of your medical staff.


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