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New and Used Medical Filing Cabinets for Sale


Used File Cabinets in California (CA)

Pre-Owned Knoll Lateral File Cabinet 5 Drawer with top Flipper. each Drawer comes with 2 file bars. 42″ $250 (item #59459). Category: Used File Cabinets

New and used Filing Cabinets for sale

Buy and sell used filing cabinets with local pick-up or shipped across the country. Log in to get the full Facebook Marketplace experience.

Medical File Cabinets Used

Get quality medical file cabinets used at at competitive rates. Add to the functionality of the medical facilities by purchasing medical file

There are a wide range of medical file cabinets used for differing customer needs on The variety is in league with one of the store’s crucial tenets to ensure customer satisfaction. All of the items are available from top-notch suppliers ensured by the site. Search and filter tools for the right medical file cabinets used are also present to help the customer fine-tune exploration of options.


Some of the popular medical file cabinets used on the store include stainless steel, simple medication cabinets and furniture ABS mobile patient bedside storage. There are both wall-mounted and standalone types of cabinets for clients to choose from. Customized options are also available on the platform, depending on what the customer would appreciate.


The medical file cabinets used on come with various feature advantages. For example, some are made using stainless steel for lasting durability with lasting resistance to corrosion and stains. Practical operating room storage would need a careful balance between making use of the space and ensuring there are sanitary conditions for the medical items. The platform items have space-saving attributes that promote functionality, cleanliness, and flexibility to meet medical facilities’ changing demands. The items on the site also allow for quick access to medical supplies, which would be used concurrently.


The medical file cabinets used available on provide many advantages to customers when it comes to storage solutions. They are also cost-effective, so that means great value for money. Customers may contact sales personnel for assistance in product processing and delivery. The store ensures efficient shipping with quick turnaround times for all products.

Used Filing Cabinets – Recycled Office Furnishings

Home / Used Filing Cabinets / Page 1 of 2. Sort by: … Add to Cart. Repainted 4-drawer Medical Style Lateral File Cabinet $329.00

Used Medical File Storage For Hospitals & Doctors’ Offices

We offer used medical file storage with these options: Metal cabinets, including steel, in black, grey, cream, and more; Wooden file cabinets in finishes

Used Medical File Storage for Hospitals, Laboratories, and Doctors’ Offices

Used Medical lFile Storage for Hosppitals, Laboratories, and Doctors’ OfficesUsed medical file storage that looks and functions like new is available at ROF. Our 120,000-sq.-ft. facility in Tampa, Florida, is the place to find quality used medical file cabinets at affordable prices.


We offer used medical file storage with these options:


Metal cabinets, including steel, in black, grey, cream, and more

Wooden file cabinets in finishes including maple, cherry, oak, and more

Two, three, four, and five drawers

Deep, spacious drawers

Horizontal (lateral) and vertical

Various heights and widths

Fireproof file cabinets

Locking cabinets and storage for security

Rolling cabinets

Overhead cabinets

And more

If you are upgrading your medical office, opening a new office, or rearranging your laboratory for efficiency, look no further than ROF. We have used medical file storage and other used medical office furniture to meet all of your needs, so you can spend more time caring for patients or doing research. All of our used furniture is fully inspected to meet our exacting standards. Contact ROFtoday for all of your medical office furniture needs. We deliver to your doctors’ office, hospital, laboratory or other medical facility no matter where it is located..


Note that due to fluctuating inventory, pictured items may not always be available. However, we offer similar choices to help you find what you need.

How do I get rid of filing cabinets?

Filing Cabinet Removal & Disposal | LoadUp

Filing cabinets are mostly made of aluminum, and can easily be broken down for scrap metal at your local recycling facility or scrap metal yard, but you’ll have to haul them there yourself.

What can you do with old filing cabinets?

11 Alternative Uses for Your Redundant Office Filing Cabinets

11 Uses for Your Old Office Filing Cabinets to Give Them a New Lease of Life. …

2 – Start a Roadside Enterprise. …

3 – A Meat Smoker. …

4 – Break Room Storage. …

5 – A Free Library.

6 – A Drinks Cabinet. …

7 – Home Furniture. …

8 – A Kitchen Drawer Unit.

What is the life expectancy of filing cabinets?

Office Furniture & School Furniture Supplier at…


Generally, the service life of plate filing cabinets is 3-5 years, and the service life of high-quality steel filing cabinets can reach 10 years or longer, which greatly reduces the purchase cost for enterprises.

What are the three types of filing cabinet?

Mary Kate Miller 11/30/2022

Lateral file cabinets.

Vertical file cabinets.

Mobile file cabinets.

Fireproof file storage cabinets.

Used File Cabinets: Vertical and Lateral | Office Pro’s

Office Pro’s has a wide selection of new and used filing cabinets for legal or personal use. Shop today for vertical, horizontal and


If you’re looking for a used file cabinet to help keep your office organized, we have a huge selection from 2-drawer to 5-drawer in wood or metal finishes in closeout or gently used condition. Expand your storage capabilities with a sturdy steel storage cabinet in a variety of sizes. If you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call. We have more in our Warehouse Liquidation location.

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