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Portable Medical Exam Table


Medical Exam Tables


Adirmed Exam Table with Paper Towel Roll Dispenser – Medical Treatment Tables Stirrups – Adjustable Physical Therapy Patient Examination Bed, Durable,

Foldable Treatment Tables

Portable Treatment / Sideline Table 7650 … Two-In-One Examination and Treatment Table – Customizable 4643.

EarthLite Portable Exam Table

It is lightweight, yet strong enough to hold over 2,300 lbs. Setup is quick and easy with the “Cradle Lock” system that automatically locks the legs in place

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Shop Portable Exam Table · #780886; Oakworks #36639-T20. Portable Exam Table · #788483; Oakworks #36639-T01. Portable Exam Table.

Portable Exam Table

Portable folding exam table by Teqler with stable aluminium frame and comfortable upholstery. The removable armrests on the sides and the height-adjustable


Portable folding exam table by Teqler with stable aluminium frame and comfortable upholstery. The removable armrests on the sides and the height-adjustable headrest provide a high level of comfort for the patient and doctor. Available in multiple colours.


Folding massage table

With robust aluminium frame

Height-adjustable headrest

Removable armrests

3-part table surface with rounded edges

Height-adjustable from 60–82 cm

Static load capacity up to 230 kg

Dimensions (without armrests): approx. 186 x 70 cm (L x W)

Folded dimensions: 73 x 95 x 18 cm (H x W x D)

Weight: approx. 18 kg

Delivered incl. removable armrests and transportation case

What are Medical Tables?

Medical treatment tables are exam tables designed to provide easier and more efficient treatment for patients. These medical exam tables are items that are required in all healthcare facilities and need to be versatile and comfortable whether the patient is sitting up or lying down. Each medical examination table is different from the other in terms of features and functions and so they match specific treatment requirements.

Things to remember while choosing Treatment Tables


Medical tables need to be able to withstand the daily use that is required of them. They also need to be able to endure the diligence of certain treatments. It’s good to have Treatment Tables with a warranty in place due to it’s daily use.


Tables that can be adjusted effortlessly are ideal. Physicians need to adjust exam table positions during medical exams, tests and treatments. These adjustments make patients more comfortable and allows physicians to have a closer look. Choose Examination tables that allows adjustments in as many positions as possible.

Weight Capacity

Different treatment tables are designed to bear different weight capacities. A regular exam table supports up to 450 lbs. Bariatric treatment tables accommodate patients who weigh between 800 to 1000 pounds.


Keeping patients safe and comfortable should be the top priority. Choose from our Treatment Tables which contains high density foam cushions, adjustable lift backs, nose-hole cushions etc.

Choosing the best medical treatment table

Selecting a medical treatment table will involve specifics like features, configuration and size. It is for the caregiver and healthcare practitioner to choose the one that best meets the needs of their patients. There are multiple types to choose from and you can determine which one is for you. These include:

Hi-Lo treatment tables

Hi-Lo medical treatment tables are designed to raise the table vertically up and then down if, during examination, the requirement is such for convenient work space for the practitioner. This up-and-down adjustment ideally suits elderly people and those with special needs, in short all those who need flexible positioning which cannot be done independently. The movement is motorized and sothe table can be raised with the flick of a switch without causing any strain on the caregiver or healthcare personnel. Hi-Lo medical treatment tables are heavy duty and therefore, safe and reliable. The biggest plus point with this table type is that it offers maximum results with minimum effort. Maneuvering is easy and effortless.

Pediatric treatment table

Pediatric medical treatment tables stand out for their child-friendly and attractive designs. These exam and treatment tables are bound to keep the little patients engaged in discovery while waiting for their doctor or during an exam. This helps make a doctor’s visit easy on the parents and the staff. Clinton tables for the young ones are a perfect addition to any pediatrician’s clinic or office. Pediatric scale tables, treatment tables and changing tables offer fun time for children against an exciting backdrop in the world of kangaroos, ocean mysteries, space adventure and the prehistoric age of dinosaurs. They serve to make a doctor’s visit less traumatic for the little patient. The medical exam tables have scratch and mar-resistant surfaces, easy-clean laminate base and are sturdy.

Tilt treatment tables

There are tilt medical treatment tables that can be handled manually or work through motorized adjustments. Being adjustable from horizontal to vertical positioning, these tilt tables provide a satisfactory range of motion during therapy. The table can be lowered for easy transfer of wheelchair patients and at the same time be tilted from 0 degrees to 90 degrees with a heavy-duty electric motor. Allows for easy mobility and is at the same time, stable and strong.

Bariatric treatment tables

These professional massage tables are designed to hold enormous weight without sagging and yet provide easy mobility and adjustments. There are bariatric medical treatment tables with full height adjustments and section mobility for proper positioning of patient. There are Clinton tables with adjustable pneumatic backrest and friction lock drop section. A heavy duty, reinforced frame offers reliability and maximum comfort.

Mat tables

Mat medical treatment tables are padded and offer total security while patients engage in physical exercises or receive physical therapy. They have a strong construction and also provide convenient access to patients in wheelchairs. The seamless upholstery design and round corners make them attractive and at the same time provide enhanced user safety.

Where to buy Medical Treatment Tables Online?

Medical treatment tables are exam tables designed to provide easier and more efficient treatment for patients. Health Products For you offers a wide range of Medical Treatment Table from The Authorized retailer of top Manufacturers such as Armedica, Clinton Industries and Hausmann Industries Buy now!

Physical Therapy Tables | Treatment Tables

Portable Treatment Table · Treatment Table with H-Brace · Oak Examination Table with Shelf · Power Table with One-Piece Top · Power Table with Adjustable Back Rest

Questions to Consider when Purchasing Physical Therapy and Treatment Tables

Are there different types of PT tables?

1.Static (Stationary) Table – Catered to patients without mobility impairment, these tables have a set height and provide sturdy support for patients

2.Adjustable Power Table – Catered to patients with mobility impairment, these tables can have an adjustable backrest and height option. Adjustable treatment tables are ideal for patients who are pregnant, geriatric, or have mobility impairment.

What material are Physical Therapy tables made of?

Physical therapists are often required to use force and pressure on patients in order to relieve ailment. Because of this, sturdy material is crucial to support the patient during treatment. Our selection of physical therapy and treatment tables consist of reliable materials to combat punctures and tears for optimum care. In our inventory you’ll find tables with long lasting materials such as:

urethane upholstery


foam padding


steel frames

vinyl upholstery

Dimensions and Weight Capacity

Dimensions and weight capacity of a physical therapy or treatment table will vary depending on which item fits your facilities needs. Our inventory has a wide selection of measurements and will differ depending on if the table is static or adjustable. The standard range of measurements are:

Length – 72″ – 76″

Height – 18″ – 35″

Width – 18″- 30″

Weight Capacity – 400 – 600lbs

What are the Differences Between Physical Therapy Tables and Massage Tables?

Physical therapy tables and massage tables may look similar, but they are designed for different purposes. Physical therapy tables are specifically designed to provide a stable and supportive surface for patients during physical therapy sessions.

They typically have multiple adjustable sections, including a headrest and leg rest, to allow for easy positioning and treatment of patients. Additionally, physical therapy tables may have added features such as straps, bolsters, or armrests to provide additional support for patients during their therapy sessions.

Massage tables, on the other hand, are primarily designed for use by massage therapists. They typically have a softer surface than physical therapy tables and are designed to be more comfortable for the client during a massage session. Massage tables may also have adjustable sections, such as a face cradle and armrests, to allow for easy positioning and comfort of the client during the massage.

It’s important to note that while physical therapy tables and massage tables serve different purposes, they can sometimes be used interchangeably depending on the needs of the practitioner and client.

Portable Manipulation Table

Easily portable at only 25 lb; Optimal body mechanics for any therapist; Firm Response foam minimizes Dry Hits and increases reliability of examinations.

Easily portable at only 25 lb

Optimal body mechanics for any therapist

Firm Response foam minimizes Dry Hits and increases reliability of examinations.

Designed for Manual Manipulation, Range of Motion & Manual Muscle Testing

450 lb weight capacity

Adjustable height range 24”-34”

Space saving design

Professional Medical Exam Tables for Sale – Earthlite

Have a look at our various options of portable and stationary treatment tables. From the ultimate flexibility for smaller rooms or changing settings to our whisper quiet, reliable electric lift tables you can find the right table for your needs. The upholstery is eco-friendly and can be wiped clean easily.

Portable Exam Table for Hospitals

Factory portable exam table with stirrups gynecological obstetric examination bed in hospital gynecology delivery obstetric bed. $45.00 – $55.00.

Additionally, we provide physical therapy equipment that professionals may recommend to their patients to have one at home for their self-care and independent recovery, such as exercise balls. For these and many more, visit our wholesale online store for portable exam table supplied by our featured international vendors at affordable prices.

The materials and equipment at that make up portable exam table include specialized items for certain surgical subspecialties. These procedures include urologic, orthopaedic and cardiothoracic surgeries. Include tools such as endoscopes, for example, in portable exam table for visualizing the genitourinary tract for tests and procedures. The primary selections factors for featured items in portable exam table are material, size, the surgery type and features, among others.

Are you looking for a wholesale portable exam table? Look no further than If you are into the door-making business, a portable exam tablet is the must-have. A door is an essential part of every home. It helps in ensuring the security and privacy of your family. Moreover, a door can also be used for aesthetic purposes. It is for this reason that you need a portable test table to help you make stylish doors with a modern touch. This machine also helps in speeding up production, ensuring you meet your clients’ deadlines.

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