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surgical knife


What is a surgery knife called?


The surgeon has embraced this term, scalpel, for the surgical knife. “Knife” connotes danger. A knife is a weapon associated with mutilation and death, whereas a scalpel implies security associated with healing. The knife can be used by anyone, but only a surgeon can use a scalpel.



What knife do surgeons use?

Scalpel – an overview | ScienceDirect Topics


A scalpel is a bladed surgical instrument used to make cuts into the body. This is a very sharp instrument and comes in various sizes for different types of cuts and surgeries. Most blades are made of either carbon or stainless (medical grade) steel (Fig. 6.1).


What is the small knife used by surgeon?


A scalpel is a special kind of knife used by doctors, particularly surgeons. Scalpels are small, lightweight, and have a fine, sharp blade. Most scalpels used in surgery have extremely sharp, removable blades that can be replaced.


What is the sharpest knife for surgery?

Diamond knives are used for medical and scientific applications where an extremely sharp and long-lasting edge is essential. The knives are very expensive to purchase, depending on the quality and size of the knife; in addition the knives must be professionally sharpened as the edge dulls.



10 pcs #11 Surgical Blades with #3 Scalpel Knife Handle Medical Dental

10 SCALPEL BLADES #11 with Handle #3: The SurgicalOnline Pack of 10 #11 Scalpel Blades is an ideal choice to re stock on blades for medical, beauty and home use. The precision shaped carbon steel blades are sharp and easy to use for a variety of different tasks and/or procedures. Includes a Handle #3 that can be used for a variety of different blade sizes.

PRECISION CARBON STEEL BLADES: The SurgicalOnline #11 Scalpel Blades are forged from corrosion resistant and ultrasonic cleaned carbon steel for the highest quality + value for the price.

GREAT FOR HOBBYISTS AND ARTISTS: The sharp and precise blades make these Scalpel Blades a great buy for Designers, Hobbyists, Graphic Artists, Model Makers and more!

SAFE FOR MEDICAL + COSMETIC USE: These medical disposables are ready to use and cleaned with gamma radiation. They can be used professionally for dermaplaning to dull layers of skin are removed from the face in order to reveal a brighter complexion.

PASSES THE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL QUALITY AND SAFETY STANDARDS: SurgicalOnline production process has attained ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 certification, cGMP compliant and CE certification making this size 11 Scalpel Blades item safe and world class.

The #11 scalpel blades are multi-functional tools which can be used for a wide range of tasks in industries including health and wellness, beauty and skincare, mechanical and tech servicing, processioning laboratories, taxidermy and more. The scalpel blades are individually wrapped in foil pouches and are safe, effective and convenient. They come clean and ready to use, 100% brand new and sealed. Precisely shaped and balanced for high degree of flexibility while conducting procedures. Scalpel handle No 3 can be used with carbon steel or stainless steel blades #10, #10A, #11, #12, #14, #15, and #16. Scalpel handle has a graduation scale which is etched with measurements from 0-6cm and division value of 1mm. Grooved handle provides a strong grip to perform delicate work and/or detailed inspections. Ergonomic design helps reduce hand fatigue during repetitive tasks. Non- Reflective smooth finish for easy cleaning and disinfecting the instrument. Autoclavable and passivated for prolonging the instrument’s life span. Premium quality aesthetic finish resulting from superior craftsmanship. Corrosion resistant medical grade stainless steel for heavy duty performance. Ideal gift for student interns during graduation, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Birthdays.



Scalpels & Surgical Knives

Scalpels and Surgical Knives for Precision Medical Procedures?



Hippocrates first described the surgical knife, calling it a macairion, and today the general shape of the scalpel remains the same. Modern scalpel blades and handles are made of better materials, and are available in modified shapes to accommodate different types of surgeries.




Scalpel Blades to Simplify Medical Procedures




Since the days of Hippocrates, scalpels have consisted of a handle with a blade at the end. What has changed is the availability of different types of scalpels and surgical blades and knives, and custom-shaped handles for surgeries and other medical procedures involving:





Nasal passages


General surgery



The different handle shapes have two main purposes. One is to hold the right size of surgical blades. The other is to comfortably fit the medical professionals hand while providing a sure grip to minimize the chances of slippage or injury.




Understanding the Options and Specifications




Selecting the right scalpel handle and surgical blades is important. Features to consider include:




Blade size – blade sizes range from the no. 10 blade, generally used for making small incision in skin and muscle, to no. 25 blade, a large blade with a back edge that is sharply angled and makes large cuts

Blade type – feather blades or standard blades

Blade usage – disposable or reusable and sterile vs. non-sterile

Blade material – carbon or stainless steel

Blade shape – straight, curved, modified edges

Procedure – scalpel blades serve many purposes that include making small to large cuts, cutting stitches, removing bandages, gouging, etc.

Handle type – some handles can hold different sizes of blades while others hold one size; handles are available as smooth, flat, rounded, thin (for procedures involving ears, tonsils and nose), large circumference, etc.

Handle grade – various grades include economy grade, mid-grade and surgical grade

Other handle features – some additional features include a serrated section for gripping and swivel blade holder



Handles and Blades for Every Purpose




Scalpel blades are used in hospitals and most other types of medical facilities, veterinary surgical centers, emergency units like paramedical services, autopsy facilities and medical and science laboratories. Medical Suppliers & Equipment Company offers a large variety of scalpel blades, surgical blades, surgical knives and holders to accommodate most needs.

Scalpel Blades – Instruments & Surgical Tools

Online shopping for Scalpel Blades – Instruments & Surgical Tools from a great selection at Industrial & Scientific Store.


A scalpel, lancet, or bistoury is a small and extremely sharp bladed instrument used for surgery, anatomical dissection, podiatry and various arts and

Scalpels & Blades – World Precision Instruments

Looking for scalpels or surgical knives for your research laboratory? We have disposable knives, sapphire blades, and standard scalpel

Looking for scalpels or surgical knives for your research laboratory? We have disposable knives, sapphire blades, and standard scalpel blades and blade handles.

Scalpels | Surgical Knives and Surgical Blades |

At Henry Schein, we offer a comprehensive selection of surgical scalpels, blades, and knives. Our product line includes stainless steel blades, disposable

Scalpels and Blades

At Henry Schein, we offer a comprehensive selection of surgical scalpels, blades, and knives. Our product line includes stainless steel blades, disposable scalpels, sterile instruments, carbon steel blades, safety scalpels, and standard scalpels. We understand the importance of reliable tools in your procedures, and that’s why we prioritize quality and precision.


Henry Schein Brand Scalpels

As a trusted provider of surgical supplies, we have developed Henry Schein Brand to offer you a specialized line of instruments that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Henry Schein Brand scalpels and blades have been designed to deliver exceptional precision and reliability during surgical procedures. Experience the excellence of Henry Schein Brand and discover the difference we can make in your surgical practice.


Shop Henry Schein Brand Scalpels


Purchase Surgical Scalpels and Surgical Blade Supplies

Henry Schein has a wide assortment of surgical scalpels and blades available on our medical online store. As one of the leading providers in wholesale medical products in North America, we carry only the best products from the leading manufacturers such as Miltex, Aspen Surgical and Myco Medical. We carry several different types of surgical scalpels and blades including:


Stainless steel blades

Disposable Scalpels


Carbon Steel Blades

Safety Scalpels

Standard Scalpels

SurgiTeam – Surgical Instruments

SurgiTeam™, a resource center for solutions for SurgiCenters, is a great way to also shop for your kits, packs and trays for your surgical procedures. We offer a custom surgical pack option for you to pick and choose the types of equipment your procedures require.


Within our resource center, InControl, an infection prevention solutions offering from Henry Schein, will help raise awareness for you and your staff. This is a fast and easy way to find promotions, events and webinars pertaining to hand hygiene information.


When you need to purchase surgical scalpel think Henry Schein.


For any questions regarding our surgical scalpal products on the Henry Schein Medical website, request for info and someone will be in touch with you shortly.


Types of Scalpels and Blades

Stainless Steel Blades

Crafted from premium-quality stainless steel, our stainless steel blades offer exceptional durability, sharpness, and resistance to corrosion. These blades ensure optimal cutting performance, enabling surgeons to achieve precise incisions with ease.


Disposable Scalpels

Our disposable scalpels provide a convenient and hygienic solution for surgical procedures. Each scalpel is individually packaged and sterile, eliminating the need for cleaning and sterilization. Designed for single-use, they help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and improve overall surgical safety.


Sterile Scalpels

We understand the critical importance of maintaining a sterile surgical environment. Our sterile scalpels undergo rigorous sterilization processes to ensure they meet the highest standards of cleanliness and infection control. You can trust our sterile scalpels to provide the utmost safety for your surgical procedures.


Carbon Steel Blades

Our carbon steel blades are known for their exceptional sharpness and strength. These blades are suitable for a wide range of surgical applications and are designed to maintain their edge throughout the procedure, allowing for precise and efficient cutting.


Safety Scalpels

We prioritize the safety of both medical professionals and patients. Our safety scalpels feature built-in safety mechanisms that help prevent accidental cuts and injuries. These scalpels are easy to use, offering enhanced protection without compromising on performance.


Standard Scalpels

Our standard scalpels provide a reliable and cost-effective option for surgical procedures. With their ergonomic design and superior cutting performance, these scalpels have been trusted by medical professionals for years.




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