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Medical Office Partitions Healthcare Safety Screen Partitions

Healthcare Safety Screen Partitions


CREATE YOUR OWN DESIGN – Combine different frame sizes, frame patterns, frame heights and insert panel types and colors to create almost any office partition design or cubicle configuration shape.

FULL WALL – Start with a full modular room partition module that has 2 vertical support posts or in some cases 3 vertical support posts.

ADD-ON (ADD) – Create longer straight room partition walls by combining any ADD-ON modular wall unit . Each ADD-ON modular wall unit has 1 vertical support post that has attachment slots at opposite sides.

CORNER (CR) – Create L-Shaped wall or office cubicle configurations with a CORNER modular wall unit. Each CORNER unit has 1 vertical support post with 2 attachment slots at a 90 degree angle.


Corner Vertical Support Post for L-Shaaped Configurations

3-Way Vertical Support Post for T-Shaped Configurations

4-Way Vertical Support Post

Combine Low Height Partitions with Tall Partitions

Combine Different Model Numbers Together in Any Desired Configuration

NOTE: iDivide partitions are to be only used as a visual screen. The iDivide room partitions and room dividers are not to be used as structural walls and should not be leaned against, have anything hung upon, or be climbed upon for any reason. The partitions do not provide a raceway or space for electrical conduit or cabling. Please contact iDivide for specifications and clearance dimensions for IT cabling and Electrical power considerations.


How Can Screenflex Healthflex Room Dividers Help Your Patients?

Eliminating visual and noise distractions is a critical element in providing patients with the care they deserve. These portable medical privacy screens are sound-absorbing, blocking up to 55% of the noise from one side to the other. That means you can block both sight and sound and create a more comfortable experience for the patients and medical staff with one useful, temporary medical room divider. With reduced distractions, communication between staff and patients improve. As a result, there’s a reduction in clerical errors, patients speak openly due to increased privacy, and there’s an increase in the overall positive patient experience. Because of the patient privacy screens’ portability, Healthflex medical partitions are ideal for all home and health care settings, treatment centers, airport medical screening, patient overflow rooms, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and pharmacies. Minor assembly is required for Healthflex Dividers.

Healthflex Dividers Include:
Vinyl covering with an antimicrobial agent
Fabric coverings coated with smart shield antimicrobial protectant
Our Portable Medical Privacy Screens are
One-person setups
Extremely versatile and flexible
Exceptionally durable
Practical and economical
Remarkably stable
Made in the U.S.A.
Choose from our 8 vinyl finishes that wipe clean with ease on your medical privacy screen. Our entirely hinged panels allow you to create a variety of shapes and angles such as straight lines, L-shapes, zig-zags, and semi-circles while still maintaining patient privacy. Units fit through any standard doorway and store in a 2′ X 3′ area. Easy to move, easy to use, and just as easy to store.

Hospital Room Dividers and Privacy Screens

Screenflex offers a variety of medical dividers for your facility including patient privacy screens and clear plexiglass germ barrier partitions.

Surround any hospital bed, create patient overflow space, and limit contagion with Screenflex partitions.

Room Dividers and Privacy Screens for Medical Use

In a medical facility, patients and practitioners alike benefit from privacy and cleanliness. Helping customers provide the best care to their patients is why Screenflex Portable Room Dividers first launched its patient privacy screens product line. With a versatile hinged design, Screenflex medical room dividers allow for compact storage and multiple configuration layouts. The mobile privacy curtains absorb sound between patient beds, provide privacy for patient overflow and create patient treatment centers on the spot. Our healthcare screens are available in eight high-performing vinyl finishes. This surface easily wipes clean to maintain a clean and safe environment. Need longer-length partitions? Connect two or more portable medical privacy screens to form longer dividers or create multiple rooms.

What makes Screenflex medical partitions best for you:
Arrives fully assembled

Smooth-rolling self-leveling casters
Customizable (with 36 sizes and 8 vinyl colors)
One person setup
Black powder-coated steel frame for durability
Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Screenflex medical privacy screens are built and designed to meet every possible care situation in hospitals, acute care centers, medical offices, pharmacies, and treatment centers. The Screenflex medical room dividers are the leading portable privacy screen for patient privacy and sound absorption.

Additionally, Screenflex Clear Dividers open up communication in their check-in area by providing see-through plexiglass barriers between the patient and employee. By putting an easy-to-clean divider in place, patients can check in to their appointment without spreading

or receiving unwanted germs. Regardless of the healthcare need, Screenflex products keep the privacy and cleanliness that a medical facility should have.

Screenflex medical room dividers block sightlines and minimize sound, providing the environment needed for optimal health, healing, and safety. Our dividers, therefore, create a more comfortable experience for patients and medical staff with just one temporary hospital privacy screen.

“ Our experience was amazing! It would usually take us about a half-hour to set up our injection areas. With these hospital privacy screens, it took about 10 minutes to get everything set up. Everyone comments on how professional they look and what an improvement they are over the old medical screens. Thank you so much! ”

What is a medical partition?

Healthflex Medical Partition is the ideal way to temporarily or permanently divide space in a hospital, urgent care, or doctor’s office. Healthflex Partitions are portable, lightweight and mobile, making them an ideal solution for medical triage tents, emergency treatment centers, and quarantine facilities.

What is office partition?

A partition wall is a divider wall, typically non load bearing, used to separate spaces in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It’s most common use is as an office partition wall used to create separate offices or meeting rooms.

What is the cheapest material for partition?

MDF partition wall is the cheapest type, and the base price starts from Rs 100.

How do you divide an office room?

There are many different ways to divide a workplace to promote organization and productivity.
Choose Different Shaped Desks. …
Divide Your Office With Open Shelving. …
Divide Your Office With Modular Office Partitions. …
Divide Your Office With Privacy Panels. …
Divide Your Office with Glass Wall Partitions.

Medical Screens, Partitions and Privacy

The importance of privacy and relaxing spaces within medical facilities and hospitals is becoming more and more substantial. Spatial separation and privacy are now valued and understood more than in previous years. The impact that the environment plays into the recovery time and the overall happiness of patients is undeniable. More and more studies are concluding that patients in medical centers require a certain amount of space, security, and respectful privacy during their healing in order to stay healthy and recover. Environment-induced stress can have extremely harmful effects on patients, delaying recovery and in some cases, worsening their medical ailments.

Medical Screens

Of course, a lot of the medical practices and related activities involved in patient treatment and care require privacy and solitude. For example, medical screening is typically a relatively quick process, that requires total privacy and patient trust. Medical screens help to make these testing/screening zones as comfortable and as private as possible, all while working within an overcrowded indoor environment. Pharmacies use medical privacy screens, sliding room dividers, and flexible frosted or opaque glass wall partitions to provide a privacy solution. Pop-up pharmacies or ones which exist in larger buildings such as a Rite-Aid, or CVS need to ensure their patients are getting the privacy they need when they need it, without requiring a trip to a hospital. 


The difference between a solid wall partition versus a semi-translucent or see-through glass wall partition is tremendous in the medical field. Whether a nurse, doctor, physician, or the patient themself, being stuck inside a hospital can be exceptionally depressive. If there is little natural light permeating through the facilities, it can often feel like you’re stuck inside a maze of illness and injury with little visible hope in sight. Bringing in more natural light, and granting patients the pleasure of enhanced visibility, can make all the difference. Integrating glass wall partitions, interior glass doors, and will help bring in and reflect light throughout rooms. Clinics and hospitals, regardless of size or stature, can tend to have a sad connotation attached to them, often feel as though they were built underground, these environments are the least conducive to recovery. Fluorescent lighting and limited visibility are exceptionally burdensome for those stuck inside. Increasing natural light flow is a great way to increase the quality of life within medical centers.

Privacy Matters

Though a lot of hospitals are oversaturated and burdened by our taxed medical system, there is no reason for patients to be existing on top of one another as we see today. Suffering from a medical condition, illness, injury or disease is already troublesome and stressful enough. Physically taxing, as well as mentally stressful, these patients don’t need to be wrought with more trauma. Privacy is a crucial component in rest and recovery. Without it, patient recovery will only delay turnover further and cause the overcrowding of medical facilities. By integrating increased spatial distinction throughout wellness centers and hospitals, we can expect to see faster and healthier recoveries. Wall partitions and floor to ceiling room dividers offer flexibility to be moved around or rearranged when needed, and require no major construction. The necessity to provide our sick with adequate privacy and a relaxing atmosphere is paramount at this point.

Due to current global health circumstances, we find it to be an exceptionally critical time to carefully consider medical center hospitals. The impending burden these facilities will experience calls for interior upgrades and conscious thought surrounds the success of patient recovery. The overall quality and design of these centers will play a large role in turnover time. With all of the above considerations and examples, hopefully, your medical center can blossom into a safe and inviting sanctuary for those in need of medical attention. For more inspiration and space-optimizing solutions, plan a visit to our closest location. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!

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