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New and Used Medical Exam Table

Examination Tables for sale

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The Right Examination Table Can Help Optimize Your Office

If you’re looking for the right examination table for your medical office, you might want to consider one of the many options available from eBay. Various medical equipment choices are available, from new to secondhand, at prices ranging from low to high. However, you’ll want to know everything you can about these tables before you make a selection.


What are the features of exam tables?

Exam tables are specifically designed to aid in the examination process in a medical office. They consist of long couches that are elevated above the floor, and these couches may be filled with a number of drawers and gizmos to make examinations easier. In addition, most exam tables can be raised and lowered, and they have cushions on their tops to enhance patient comfort. Exam tables can be customized with various accessories, and they are covered with a fresh full-length sheet of paper for each patient for hygienic purposes.


What accessories are available for these tables?

A variety of exam table accessories are also available on eBay. Some of these accessories connect directly to the tables themselves, and others are used next to them. Examples of these accessories include:


Instrument trays: These trays are usually made from stainless steel. They are placed next to exam tables or chairs for easy access to medical instruments.

Bedside trays: These small tables go next to exam tables, and they are often provided for patient comfort.

Electric pendants: These pendants are used to raise or lower exam tables, and they may also perform other functions.

Operating lamp: These lamps connect to arms that go above exam tables. They are used to cast light on the patient who is being examined.

How do you choose the right examination table?

In general, most examination tables are very similar to one another. They all feature vinyl covers, and most of them will have extendable platforms for your patient’s feet. However, some of these tables may come with helpful features like paper dispensers, and examination tables also come in different colors. The most important factor you’ll need to consider as you pick out the right examination table is whether you’ll want to accompany your table with optional furniture accessories. If you decide that you do want an instrument tray or a doctor’s chair, make sure that these pieces or other equipment match your exam table.

Medical Exam Tables, Treatment Tables & Medical Furniture

Medical Exam Tables for Sale ; TaliMed Exam Table w/Pelvic Tilt, Stirrups & Pass thru Drawers. TaliMed · $1,795.00 · $1,395.00 · $1,595.00 ; Blood Drawing Phlebotomy

Shop Used Equipment For Medical Practices

Huanxin carries premium certified refurbished and pre-owned medical equipment that have been reconditioned to be used in everyday practice.

High-Quality & Affordable Used Medical Equipment

ExamTablesDirect carries premium certified refurbished and pre-owned medical equipment that have been reconditioned to be used in everyday practice. These items make the perfect used medical exam tables for hospitals or clinics that are in need of tables in a rush and at an affordable price. With shorter lead times, and free insurance on every order, you will find the table you need to open up your practice today!


Browse our complete collection of used medical equipment for sale today.

Refurbished Medical Equipment for Sale

These are not your average used exam tables. At ExamTablesDirect, our selection of pre-owned medical equipment for sale isn’t just used but is certified refurbished.


Every certified refurbished medical exam table has been reviewed by biomedical engineers, mechanical engineers, and a cosmetic team. This ensures the used medical equipment not only functions as it should but also looks as good as new for your practice. All of these reviews are completed by ISO-certified workers and are tested before leaving our facility to make sure you’re receiving the best quality refurbished medical equipment.


How Our Used Medical Equipment is Refurbished

The used medical equipment has been reconditioned and tested to meet the manufacturer’s original specifications. This process includes cleaning, repairing, and replacing any worn or damaged parts to restore the equipment to its original performance standards.


The certification process is intended to provide assurance to buyers that the pre-owned medical equipment has been thoroughly evaluated and meets quality and safety standards. And, practices can rest assured they’re receiving a like-new product every time.


Where to Buy Used Medical Equipment

When you want high-quality, affordable refurbished medical equipment, not just a reseller will do. At ExamTablesDirect, we take pride in having stringent standards for the pre-owned medical equipment we sell.


In addition to our intensive certification process, we also offer the longest refurbished warranty on the market (12 months) so you can shop with confidence that if something happens to your used medical equipment we can help.


There’s never been a better time to stretch your budget and furnish your practice quickly with certified refurbished medical exam tables, equipment, and more.


Shop our selection of used medical equipment today from ExamTablesDirect.

Exam Tables & Stools

UMF 5240/5250 Series Exam Table w New Graphite or Blue Upholstery (500 lb capacity). $1,195.00; Add to cart · Intensa Exam Table w New Graphite Upholstery

Used & Refurbished Exam & Treatment Tables For Sale

Make sure the first point of care in your medical clinic is convenient and comfortable with used & refurbished treatment tables from Gumbo Medical.


Make sure the first point of care in your medical clinic is convenient and comfortable with used & refurbished treatment tables from Gumbo Medical. We make owning the right examination tables more affordable with used exam tables that have been refurbished to like-new standards.

Buy Exam Table For Sale, New & Used Prices

Exam Tables for medical examination can be found today. Find online auctions and classified ads for a wide selection of scientific

Exam Table

Exam Tables for medical examination can be found today. Find online auctions and classified ads for exam tables as well as a wide selection scientific equipment on LabX.


One of our most economical power exam tables, the UMF Medical 5060 Power Exam Table lowers to a height of 24 inches (61.0 cm) from the floor and can support a patient weighing up to 400 pounds (181.4kg). The 5060 utilizes a two function hand control for both hi-low and power back functions. It can also be used as a chair in its fully upright position.


The 5060 Power Exam Table features a painted steel leg section with a removable upholstered leg cushion. The leg section elevates 10 degrees for added patient comfort.


As with all of our power tables and chairs, the 5060 Power Exam Table utilizes the vacuum formed UMF Medical Ultra Comfort Seamless Top which provides security and comfort for patients, allows for easy cleaning and helps prevent cross-contamination.

Medical Exam Tables For Sale – Buy New or Used

Buy New or Used Medical Exam Tables at the Doctor’s Toy Store. Midmark, Ritter, Brewer and much more For Sale. Up to 70% off compared to New Models.

Exam Tables for Sale

New and Used Exam Tables are for Sale at The Dr’s Toy Store. Buy Exam Tables now for the Best prices.


What are Exam Tables

An examination table (or exam table) is used to assist patients during a medical examination. During these examinations, doctors in their offices, clinics, and hospitals make use of an adjusting mechanism in order to manipulate and set up a table to allow a patient support, closer examination of some part or the whole patient and also the ability to move the patient on and off the table in a safe way. Exam tables often have rolls of paper where the patients sit on, protecting the table. The paper is normally removed after every use of the table for each patient.


Some examination tables include electric motors. These are installed below the tabletop, and the power cables are mostly separated to avoid the risk of falling. The ability to transfer power forward and in a backward direction with a reversible electric motor indicates greater mobility of the examination table.


The exam table is the focal point of the outpatient facility and is rapidly developing into a clinical platform where diagnostics, patient engagement, and treatment intersect.


The exam table is a key piece of equipment in the clinical space; it is an epicenter of patients and clinical experience in examinations, procedures, and consultations. A supportive and comfortable table can make all the difference in patient satisfaction results and comments. Accessibility, ease of use, generous storage and optional accessories make exam tables a great value and asset in the examination room.


Below are Some Features of an Exam Table:

Stationary arms

Fold-away side table (one)

Push handle

Retractable foot tray

5 ̋ thermoplastic casters

Wall-hugger mechanism (infinite recline positions)

Quick-release sea

Clinton Multi-Use Imaging Table

The Clinton Multi-Use Imaging Table with Stirrups and Drop Window is the perfect choice for facilities seeking a cost-effective, simple solution for basic imaging needs. The three section table features an adjustable pneumatic backrest. The footrest, stirrups and window drop are manually operated.


The table has Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg capacities that are up to 15 degrees and a strong, all-welded base for years of use.


Oakworks 100 Series Procedure Chair

The Oakworks 100 Series Procedure Chair is a full-featured procedure chair with spa comfort and the flexibility needed in a Spa or Medispa. The 100 Series can change from a full-length table, recliner, or chair in a few seconds which maximizes the usefulness of a room. It is available in several different models, the 100 Series is a very cost effective chair with just the features needed by the user. All models feature powered height, tilt, and backrest to create quick transitions. A paper roll holder and the advanced headrest are also included in all models. A face rest pad is available for prone positioning. The Oakworks 100 Series Procedure Chair is specially made to allow you to do your work with less effort while creating a spa-like experience for your patient.


Other examples of exam chairs are:

Oakworks Alliance Portable Wood Treatment Table

Clinton Power Casting Table with Laminate Leg Rest – 80350

Clinton Echo Image Series Table 4615

Clinton Eco-Friendly Wood Treatment Table with Shelf – 81020 and

Clinton Laminate Cast Table – 9106 among others

Best Exam Table Brands

Below is a list of the Best Exam Tables brands that are available for purchase at Dr’s Toy Store.







Exam Tables – Alternative Source Medical

An examination table (or exam table) is used to support patients during medical examinations. During these exams, doctors in offices, clinics, and hospitals

An examination table (or exam table) is used to support patients during medical examinations. During these exams, doctors in offices, clinics, and hospitals use an adjusting mechanism to manipulate and position the table to allow patient support, closer examination of a portion or the entire patient, and the ability to move the patient on and off the table safely. Examination tables often have rolls of paper which the patient sits or lies on, to protect the table. The paper is normally discarded after each patient uses the table.

Used and Refurbished Exam Tables

When it comes to saving money on Exam Tables a good used or reconditioned Exam Table is often a great budget stretche.

Exam Tables For Sale | New and Refurbished |

Browse new and refurbished exam tables below. Options include manual or electric height/back adjustment, fixed-height tables, Hi-Lo easy access tables,

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